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Greetings All!

First I'd like to thank Russell Sheldon for posting the pics of my Marconi "Psycho Magnet Class" car. And I also thank those who expressed an interest in it, & their kind comments. I'm glad I was able to contribute something to the slot world that many find interesting, including the so-called "Geddes joint". BTW, nice job EM! I suspected the joint would draw less power away from the motor, but had not thought to measure this electrically (duh!)
The car would undoubtedly have done better if it had had either a bit more horsepower, or a bit less magnet. I don't think the usual power-to-weight thinking applies to "supermag" cars; it seems to me to be power-to-downforce, although the less weight the better, for centrifugal reasons. So I guess I wouldn't mix magnets & weights, but rather try adjusting the air gap between the magnet & track rails to fine-tune things.
Another point I feel is important is to keep the front tires on the track & actually holding up the car. The large magnetic downforce would create tremendous drag on the braid if the car were a "tripod". I tried it both ways when I built the car, & could feel the difference on the setup block (a piece of Carrera track) as the chassis was pushed forward by hand. I am a big fan of "4-wheelers", & my last 3 Marconi cars (2 non-magnet, 1 mag) have all had no weight on the braid (other than a few grams of natural springiness in the braid itself).
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