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Awhile back, someone (Swiss?) posted on SCI (I think) about the Ford GT Mk IV produced by LeMans Miniatures. But I can't find it. I have a couple of questions.
1. Is it still available, and if so, from whom?
2. I think there were 3 or 4 options -- unpainted body kit, prepainted w/o motor, fully painted & assembled, etc. I believe the designation "without motor" actually meant without running gear -- wheels, guide, gears, etc. Does the full kit come with metal wheels?
3. Does it come with a standard S can?
4. General impressions????

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Speedyweenie - Good memory!

The car is made by Le Mans Miniatures, a French Company mainly dealing in Diecast of various scales.

They are here - This is the Slot section

A few Dealers around the World stock them and the site above gives the variations clearly laid out.

Ok...Hope that helps
.. now my thoughts on your questions..

Let me stress first that the car as a whole is Excellent in detail and finish ( I bought the RTR version ) though you have to remember it is resin so not that strong. I would place it between 'Beautiful Shelf Queen' and 'Gentlemans racer'.

The car comes with Resin wheels that whilst round, are not particularily well bored out so are not true but again the finish and etched details are incredible.

The motor is very adaquate for the car and is a standard Mabuchi yes.

It has no driver figure though there is an option to purchase a scale driver from the period 'running' Le Mans style' toward the car. Does not help the interior effect though I agree!

I like it alot but there are areas that I felt could have been better for the price - wheels as mentioned before, chassis is Very close to the track and though there is no magnet the tyres are so thin that it would not be long before the sidewinder crown gear was scrapping the track as the rubber wears down. This also leaves NO room for truing.

Anyway I will let the following pics speak for themselves and not to leave on a sour note...the Detail IS incredible and has to been seen up close to be believed and the scale accuracy is exceptional.

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I haven't tried yet to be honest but I don't see why not, the arches are well OK for clearance , as they were on the real thing. So a little air lost between tyre and arch wouldn't be TOO bad I guess.

Al - What wheels do you have for this? Would either of your Scalextric GT40 sets work?
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