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QUOTE Mr.P is the one to advise you on this car..........It is one of his!.
Actually, I have nothing to do with MMK other than we are good friends and we at Electric Dreams distribute his cars in the US and help chose the models.
This car runs great on our Carrera track, sliding nicely into the curves, but as usual, the quirky Scalextric track shows its true colors. I tried the car on a Ninco and Artin track and it ran with no problems, always oversteering rather than jumping the slot. It is indeed, as the Bugatti, quite top heavy and if anything, has a tendency to roll on its roof at the limit, that is, except on the Scalex track.

The fix for this is to fit a TSRF guide more up front by carving a new location and epoxying a piece of 1/8" beass tubing in the new hole. The resin chassis can ve carefully drilled and shaped with a Dremel grinding steel tool.Look here for basic instructions.
You can get the guide from your favorite supplier like AB Slotsport in England, Professor Motor or Fantasy World in USA of right here.
Another possible fix is to fit a pin guide, but it might be a bit more difficult to do if you do not have a lather to machine a steel or nylon pin with flange and thread, that could then simply be bolted to the non-conductive resin chassis. The braided contacts could fit through slots drilled and shaped with a thin flat fine, then bolted with 2-56 flathead machine screws and nuts from the TSRF parts catalogue.

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