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Last night, I did a quick and simple prep on my MMK C type and Monza. I was expecting Subdude to stop by and I thought a little match racing would be fun. All I did was lightly true the tires (they were pretty good to start) oil the axles and motor bearings and fan the braids.

We were running on my 63' Scaly Classic track. The braid adjustment was a bit fiddly - The braid is long, narrow and quite soft - didn't want to stay "close in" as is needed on that track. Before I could get to trimming the braid another problem arose - the eyelets that hold the wire to the braid are not a tight fit. Both cars suffered loss of wire-to-braid contaact after spins. I have seen the same thing on the MMK Lister so I am prepared to suggest that it is a general problem. That issue, along with the fact that the guide is designed so that the braid simply slides into a slit from the side rather than through a slot. I think a guide transplant is in order for reliable running. I shall go through my collection to see what fits and report at a later time.

A second problem emerged which may or may not be chronic. We got both cars running - the Ferrari seemed just a bit quicker but also a bit more "nervous" - how prototypical!- but after a few laps started to get noisy and then erratic. Inspection revealed a drive problem. As in many cars, the rear axle is positioned by the motor shaft running in a groove in the crown gear. Most cars have a one piece molded part for a crown gear, the Slot-It gear has a full brass or aluminum hub with the gear molded on. The MMK part is also two pieces but in this case, one side of the groove is defined by the molded gear and the other by a thick brass turning which appears to be a press fit on the molded hub. This brass part had slipped along the hub, creating a much wider than standard groove and , as a result, gear engagement was lost.

I have not yet done a tear-down to see if there is a simple solution and have no idea if this is likely an isolated problem but none of the cars have run for more than 10 minutes.

The axle is 0.093" so substitiution of after-market bits would be no problem. I am considering it.


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Hi Alan,
We fit a TSRF guide to our MMK's, but we have as yet to encounter a guide problem with the stock one. May be a loose fit from shaking too much in the USPS truck...

I recommend to epoxy the rear wheel bearings in their place, and if you have a problem with the brass piece on the gear, a drop of Cya glue on the outside of it will take care of this. Again we have not seen this yet.

No doubt that a simple "blueprinting" of the car is wise before running it, and thanks for pointing out deficiencies that may repeat themselves.
Best regards,

Mr. Pea
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