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Hi Slotters

I have just found my old artin vintage track in the basement. I want to use this set again. I have some ideas I want to hear if can be made real.

My first problem.
The tires are hard on many of the cars. I have swapped tires around so I have 5 soft set of rear tires. But can I buy new tires, that will fit on the rest of my Artin cars?

I have thought of buying Carrera Go cars. Will they run on my track if I grind down the guide pin and upgrade the power supply. (about power supply, please read next question)

Is it possible to build a turbo function. I thought of installing a bigger adjustable power supply between 5-20 V. I then want to modify the controller with a button or extra step on the thumb switch, that will allow acces to more voltage until depressed. How about running the track on 9V or 12V and setting the controller to give acces to only 6V until button is pressed, then give acces to full voltage.
I have the old thumb controllers. Will the Artin controllers and Artin cars be able to handle extra voltage for short periods of time.
Can I install brakes in the thumb controllers as I have read about on this webpage

What will the specs for the power supply need to be, considering I also want to drive Carrera Go cars? How many volts/A/watts does the Artin motor require?

I have a friend how can do all the soldering and electrical stuff. I just feed him information. :)

By the way. I'm from Denmark.
Don't drink and drive. Unless it's a slot car.

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Hello Kludermor.
Hope you enjoy your old set.
The only person I know of who sells tyres for Artin cars lives in France.
You will have to go on Ebay France to order them. Under the "Circuits" section type in Artin.
Scroll down the page & you will find them. The seller is Dauremy. He is excellent & ships all over Europe.

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I love the idea of a turbo boost button.

Can't you just have a secondary power supply connected to your track via another wallwart transformer and simply 'push the button' on it to feed in more volts? This seems more practical than fiddling with controllers and wiring, and so on.

But when are you ever going to use such a thing? Surely you are going to use a well-chosen controller to feed in maximum power when you need it?

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Hi Screwneck

I race without magnets with Artin cars. I have to go pretty slow in the turns. And on the shorter straights the cars won't reach full speed until I have to let go of the throttle.
So I think the turbo would come in handy. I know I could just feed the track more voltage overall and then only use full throttle once in a while. But the turbo switch just give an extra feature to play with.
My stock vintage speedtrax controllers are awful. They are not very sensitive and not precise at all. I have some Parma 35 Ohm on its way from Germany.
A tech friend of mine found it to be a fun project to add a turbo switch somehow.
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