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Another great set of articles from Dave.
I really enjoyed the article from October 1955 re the Southport MEC Rail Racing track (pages 556 & 557). The write up at last identified for me the girl in the picture as "Miss I. Finney". Her sister, Vera, married another club member, Arthur Moore, in 1947. Arthur won the Southport Grand Prix in 1960, by then a member of the ARRA club.

Although Model Maker was generally quite accurate with its reports, the lower left photo on page 556 identifies the smaller person looking along the straight as "D. Crusham" (D. Brian Crusham), when it is actually C. Harold Griffiths.

This article has closed a query I asked some years back on SF's History & Culture section (page 18, "London model Engineer exhibition 1952, post #40).

Thanks for filling in the gaps in my past with these treasures.

Geoff Taylor
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