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Hi All,

Ventured into town today; & after getting thoroughly depressed trying to park the car, found the trip highly worthwhile.

Visited my local Modelzone store to exchange a Crimbo gift I'd received (a duplicate GT40) and was pleasantly surprised (read: overjoyed) to see that currently these stores have a sale on for discount Fly cars.

In the end swapped one car and came away with 5!

Purchased the following:

Limited Edition Fly Lancia Beta Riccardo Patrese £29.99 (was £55.99)

Fly Lola B98/10 Talkline (Longtail) £22.99 (was £39.99)
Fly Lola B98/10 Coca-Cola £19.99 (was £38.99)
Fly Lola B98/10 Motorola £22.99 (was £39.99)
Fly Lola B98/10 FATurbo £19.99 (was £38.99)

There were many other cars including Saleens (£22.99) and others like the 917 Turbo, Venturi's and the usual Panoz's (newer liveried versions).

No GT40's though.

Scalextric and SCX are the normal retail price.

I hope the above is of use, if required you can locate your nearest store here.

Happy New Year!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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