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Modified track

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After dusting off my scalextric track from out of the loft, I was gutted to find that my powerbase was faulty. So a quick trip to the hornby visitor center (just round the corner from me) I managed to pick up a 4 car digital conversion kit with straight lane change for £50. I brought some more track and LH pit lane and was left wanting a little more. So after ordering a RH pit lane with another straight and two more corner lane changes I set out modifying some current track prices.

I'm really please with how they've come out. I'm having a little get together at the weekend so will post some pics of the track and hopefully upload a vid.

Just ordered some cars that I'm gonna digitalise and fit lights too.
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QUOTE (bigbird @ 22 Mar 2012, 23:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>hi
from experience one clc will be a flyer and one will be a tank slapper..but either is preferable to the awfull standard clc sections...

So the milloin dollar question is: "which one is the preferable one?" or better put: If you'd have to concentrate on the one coming out best, and the other as say a test object (to get the learning curve up in the right direction) which one is the one for keeps?

Gotcha! pretty logic actually, but sometimes you just need someone to point it out to you...
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