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So I haven't driven any slot cars for years (28!!), was looking on the net
for spares for my Mamond Steam Lorry, ended up looking at the Carerra page
and I now own Ninco Porsche 356 Mile Milglea, Ferrari Uovo, Masseratti MM,
Pontiac GTO steet car & Black & Flamed (any 32 5 window model A's out there?)
and thanks to Agos 3x le mans sets!!.
So what mods can i do to the Ninco 356? bigger motor/magnets?
Oh yes steam wagon still havn't got the spares!!
Keep the faith "Lonestar".

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I have a Ninco Ferrari 166MM, which I use to race, and all I have done to that is add a little weight into it. Experiment with different weight. You don't want to overdo it, but on the other hand too little may make the car a bit nervous. Also try putting the weight in different areas to change the handling.
Whatever some people may say, don't put a magnet in it, as this will totally spoil the car. This era of motor racing (and this goes for slot cars as well) is for drifting and driving, not an all out blast.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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