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Hi people,

I have got a thing about the old scalextric trucks, but as some of you may know, the are slow and handly crap.


I have sorted out my spares and found a spare Knight Raider truck so my plan is to modify it a little.

1, Change motor to a Scalextric sports motor
2, add 2 new Scalextric Sports megnets
3, add 3 pairs of sports wheels and tyres "its a 6wheel chassis"
4, add some lights

The thing is that I need help finding the parts I need, Ive already ordered the lights, they arrive on thursday.
I cant decide on what wheels to use, so I need help choosing.

If anyone can help me find the cheapest place for these parts I would be very greatfull


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QUOTE (ewanmcken @ 4 Jan 2005, 21:02)Mainframe,

Does your Truck have an open motor and a reduction gearbox?
Or to put it another way are there two big gear wheels (one on the back axle and one further forward) where there would usually be only one?

If it does, the gearbox is the main reason it is slow.
It was for the Trucks with Trailers so they could pull the extra weight.
I dont know of anybody that makes tune up parts for this setup.
It will still be relatively slow even if you find a faster motor that fits.

Trucks like the 'Valvoline' or 'Demon Tweeks' ones have a more normal Motor-Pinion-Gear drive system.
The Cab and Third Axle from your Truck should fit onto their chassis.
It should be faster anyway, but if it is still not fast enough replacement motors, pinions and gears are readily available to tune the performance.

New Demon Tweeks Trucks were being sold off cheaply until quite recently, so hopefully you should be able to find a good used one for the same price as a new motor.


No they havent got a speed reduction gearbox, its the newer version of the Letland truck Im planning to use
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