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First post!

I am trying to put together a portable table top circuit and in the need to make it work need to modify curved outer borders so that they lead in, as per the straight lead ins I have.

Is there a glue I can use, or is this one of those plastics which need the attention of a soldering iron?

Maybe the part I need is available....

Thanks in advance, Pete

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Welcome to the forum! I'm pretty new here myself and I am about to modify some borders too. From what I gather, hot glue (glue gun) is a good way as long as you have a good hot one. Any glue that sets hard would no doubt crack at the join and give up after the constant little flexes it would get when raced on? Hot glue will remain supple. You might need to give the parts a good clean first to remove some of the releasing agents from the plastic and I know that some automotive paint companies have good products for this.

Good luck and remember to post some pics. Everyone here is keen to see mods like this.

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