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Monaco / Indianapolis 2 in 1

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Hey Guy

I'm new to the hobby was wandering if you pros could help?
I've been browsing the forums with envy and i've seen some pretty crazy layouts. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I thought, what if i make a pretty crazy layou myself?

I had to think about it for quite a while but finally came to a conclusion. It would be a Monaco layout and Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the same table! Of course this wouldn't work out coz one street and ones speedway. But I thought that i would have a rotating table with every fixed. (OF course) I wanna do nascar / indycar, Indianapolis. F1, Monaco. It will be made of MDF (as thin as possible), have working pit lanes and have a full on scenery and also it will be digital. If thats possible with MDF?

I'm hoping that some of you can help me on this one. Please in the comment section below or PM me some pics or layout options.

P.S the area that i have is 5x6m so it would have to fit a 4x5m table the biggest.

If i see that people are intersted in helping me, i will upload some pics of the area it will be in.

THANX Daniel
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Do you know billboards with changing pictures? There're rolling triangular rods side by side and every side have own pic. If you have 5x4m table with 20 1x1m flipping modules and three side in every rolling part. I can't even calculate how many different tracks it means...
If you want to flip the table there must be space enough under the table to rotate. 2m width needs over 1m height from floor to track. And 3m table needs over 3m room height. If you cut the track to two pieces rotating separately, it could be possible to build and use.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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