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I believe these are the rules

MHSC Classic Cars 2011

1965 to 1980 inclusive. ( Year Car Modeled 1st raced).
Any Classic Sports, GT or Prototype car within the dates from the following manufacturers.
Revell, Scalextric, SCX, Carrera, MRRC, Spirit Team Slot ,, Sloter, NSR & Fly.
Parts, Motors and tyres from the above Manufacturers Plus Ninco, Proslot, Cartrix & Hobby Slot.
1. Motors up to a quoted manufacturer RPM of 25000 from the following list.
Mabuchi S, v12 21.5k3,23k,25k1,2 &3, Boxer 1 & 2, Proslot evo 1 & 2 , Ozrace up to 23k, NSR Shark 22.5,King 21k, Ninco NC1,2,3,5,6,7. Team SlotNC2, MRRC25ksc09, 20ksc010,20sc08,RX4,RX6, pro turbo & Plus, all Spirit, all Fly , Reprotec NC2,Cartrix up to25k, Hobby Slot boxer.
2. Rear Tyres must be be from the named manufacturers. Front tyres free.
3. Wheels must be from the named manufacturers.
4. Chassis or body may not be modified to change motor, chassis must be the original for that model.
5. Chassis and body may be modified to allow body rock as long as there are no gaps bigger than 1mm between body and chassis. ( Not 1mm all the way round!)
6. Magnets must be removed.
7. Weight may be added to cars with front mounted motors and sidewinders.
8. The Fly racing Porsche 911 & BMW M1 will be allowed. M1 must run with standard motor. Tyres may be replaced by 19x10
9. Fly Racing Capri not allowed.
10. NSR Ford Mk1V and Porsche 917 allowed.But limited to standard 20k motor.
11. Motors must be in-line or sidewinder only, no anglewinders.
12. If Air Hubs are used tyrs may not be glued on.
13. Wheels must not protrude more than 1mm outside body with tyres fitted.
14. All cars must run with interior and driver.
15. Front Stub axles may be changed for solid axles.
16. Any guide from the named manufacturers may be used, sprung guides allowed with or without spring.
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