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Monster truck slotcar track

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I have a question that has been with me for a long time and i´m hoping that you guys can help.

Back around the mid 90´s I got a monster truck slotcar track which i was instantly in love with, perhaps this was also partly because I was 6 Years old...

But the cars and the track didn´t work good enough and my parents had to buy another toy.
Now that I´m 21 I know much more about slotcar tracks and I would like to give it another chance. The problem is that I can´t remember which brandname the slotcar track was and I can´t find it on the internet.

It was a slotcartrack with 2 monster truck, around 1/32 scale or smaller and you could place obstacles on the road by clicking them on the track.
I also know that the track was discontinued at the Intertoys in Holland because there where to much complains about it not working properly.
This is all I remember of it and I would really, REALLY like to know which brandname and which track that one was.
If one of you could help me I would be very greatfull.

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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