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Monte - Six of the best

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We may only be talking about nine first class cars this year, with at best three proven first class drivers (and I’m still not convinced about Tanak), dollying out from Monaco on their electric motors to do repeated loops of stages… but the Monte is still the Monte.

Crystal skies, frosty verges, spotlights on… lovely. And WRC2 is going to be a lip-smacker of a feast this year.

So to warm us up, here’s some crackers from down the ages… split into two posts to get the preview screens to work.






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They're already there... Michèle Mouton drives through the stage first and stops to move people on, plus the cars are all now equipped with cameras that are monitored by former co-driver Nico Klinger and if there is any massively untoward behaviour he will stop the stage. Admittedly that's mainly for the top class, but it's available to all.

You won't see anything like the 1993 footage from the OP, as most rallies enforce ticket sales and fencing fans off at a safe distance. But anything's possible.

The coverage really suffers from being primarily onboard footage, as that's cheap and doesn't require much in the way of editors or camera crews. If you go out on the stages, Neuville is always the one to watch because he's cut from the same cloth as Vatanen and McRae but in the car it all looks under control. It's the hatters who capture the real McCoy...

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Footage from the bobble hat brigade uploaded to YouTube,usually that night, is the best, they know where to spectate/film, theres a guy called Riviera Rally has great footage and usually covers the testing as well.
Those Toyota's sound awful on the overun, but they're rather quick on the Tarmac settings.
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Just read that Hyundai and Toyota are entering rally 1 cars on the National Finnish championship rally before WRC Sweden, M sport are entering Ott in the Estonian national championship round with the same intention of gathering more testing data.
This is because WRC regs have cut the amount of testing allowed per driver this year.
Ha! Right at the end of the clip, his Panizzi moment. Bravo. 👏

I still prefer circuit racing, mind.
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He's good like that, although it also explains a lot of why he's a five-time runner-up in the WRC. Ogier never chucks it about in the same way and hasn't touched a doughnut in his life - neither the baked variety or the handbrakey kind.

But I can see how on a diet of GT3s and similar it might all seem a bit odd. Bit too exciting, even! ;)

Looks like most of WRC2 is entered for the Arctic Rally as their pre-Sweden fixture - an event that has been won by a works Yaris for the past couple of years. Time was they'd have done the National Breakdown over here, or trotted off to South Africa to make a lot of money and test a lot of unhomologated parts. Progress, they call it...
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