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Monthly meetings

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24 club meetings a year
24 meetings a year
If 12 meetings, have occasional Sunday Specials
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This is a members vote only to guage the interest, no discussion please.
24 would be nice, but i think i might find it hard to commit to all of them if they were all on wednesdays.

I personly like the 1 off events that we do. They mix things up and allow us to try new things.
OK nice answer, thanks for your feedback

More voters please
I think if you run twice a month, you have to race more formulas, F1, Mods, Nascar & also Club car meetings to keep things fresh & interesting,& also some different special themed events, (teams, pairs etc), whether the specials would carry points or have their own championship is another thing altogether.
Racing in the opposite direction etc.
OK Steve, informative, thanks for your input.
For me I think 24 meetings a year would be too many to commit to.

I am enjoying the special events we have been trying this year and for me they have been about the right frequency. Special events are more convenient for me on week nights, but a few at weekends is nice as it encourages visitors.
Thanks Al, its all good input and helps to form the next years programme of events.

Keep it coming guys
Once a month suits me. I really enjoyed the endurance special and would attend if they are evening events.

Thanks Jim, good to know your criterion
So if we had a mix of Sundays specials and weeknights that would give us 12 Normal race meets and say 6 special events throughout the year, some on weekends and others on weeknights? That would give us some months where we would have 2 events and others where we would just have 1.

Did we also not discuss having a Tuning night where we setup a track for testing cars out? Speed traps etc?
QUOTE (slowracer @ 9 Nov 2011, 14:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>This is a members vote only to guage the interest, no discussion please.

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OK Guys,

With just one vote for 24 meetings!

The overwhelming concensus of opinion is 12 monthly meetings with themed specials in between, on a mix of weekends and weekday evening events.

So the next years season will be just that!

Thank for taking part in the poll, democracy at work!

Plus of course the AVHORA events to be held at Yelling.

Dates on the AVHORA forum page, please register your interest there if you have not already done so.
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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