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For a number of reasons this account hasn't been active for a few years and we've been given the opportunity to revive it.

The owner of the server hosting the website in the signature has without warning or reason blocked access to it having terminated the email address some months ago, suggesting that it too will soon disappear. The intention had been to revive the site and update it as a number of the comments about retailers etc. are out of date. Unfortunately as this has not been possible there will be no further updates, corrections, etc..

The cars shown on the site are mainly in storage and efforts are being made to locate their whereabouts. Hope to have them all together by the Easter Hols but understand that a few have been sold; unfortunately believe this included some of the MGs.

Recommendations for FREE Web Hosting would be appreciated so that the site can begin again.

The intention now is to make it MG only so most of the other makes will have to go. Some have already gone but all the VW Beetles should all be there so if anyone is interested in them send a PM and when they're found their state and condition etc. can be confirmed.

Not sure what angle to take in relaunching the website - when the original was set up the plan had been to have a representative of all MG models but as they weren't all available in 1/32 scale, Metros and Maestros became the main theme. This changed with the Le Mans Lola to MGs at Le Mans and was then was side tracked with the Mille Miglia.

A lot will depend on what completed cars are still around and what's in the projects box. Also although the forum account has been inactive, our 'sponsor' has been making a few purchases so if we do good hopefully they'll buy some more.

Thanks for Reading.

All the Best


Alfie Noakes
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Hi JAK, good to have you back. When I started looking on here a few years ago your stuff came to my attention...the MG hot slots site or something?
I've got an, er, interest/curiosity with the maestros & metros and I recall your stuff... didn't you do the Buzby BT Maestro pick up?
Look forward to seeing pix of your stuff again. Maybe you could add your pix to the Metro 6R4 thread on here?
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