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more estrela slot cars

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hi,as promised heres a few more 1/32 estrela slot cars.i will show the car 1st,then the chassis.heres a 1966 ford j car(similar to the strombecker) ,1965 ford gt 40(similar to the cox) ,1969 puma 1600gt ( a brazilian sportscar using a vw engine)their own design,1968 andorinha (similar to the cox la cucaracha),porsche 907(similar to the faller,but not identical),1965 mustang gt350(similar to the k&b,but not identical),1964 willys berlineta interlagos(their own design),& finally a custom made estrela buick(the motor is original)thanks,bernard
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Here's a couple more Bernard, including this very strange case of a 1/24 car being sold as a 1/32 car... can't remember the exact story, but it seems that for some administrative reason they had to do that! So's here's 70's F1 car made by Estrela, a pretty good performer by the looks of it...

And their 1/32 Lola T70 MKIII, more along the lines of the above cars... body seems close to the La Cuc style polypropylene too...

Bernard, perhaps we should merge the two Estrela threads together, what say you?

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