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I've just received the latest copy of Car-on-Line magazine (March 2004 - No. 74) which, being German, understandably contains extensive coverage of the Nürnberg Toy Fair 2004. Mentioned are a few cars and items that either our erstwhile reporters missed seeing, didn't think it worth covering, or I missed seeing it in their excellent reviews - more likely the latter!

First, the most striking thing about this months issue of Car-on-Line is that the inside front cover has a full page colour advertisement for the Carrera Evolution Pro-X digital system, while the back cover features a full page colour advertisement for Scalextric's MotoGP sets and bikes - hmm, Scalextric still insist on listing a Ducati Marlboro and a Honda Camel… Moped?

Back to Nürnberg. What caught my eye was a very nice looking 'concrete' wall section with catch fencing along the top, typical of what you see lining modern Grand Prix circuits, made by Ninco. A definite must have for my future layout.

Also shown is the Hornby 1/32nd scale Ford GT kit box (Gulf #9), with the Corvette L-88, Caterham 7, Mini Cooper (BMW), Mercedes CLK-DTM and TVR T400R kits listed.

Exoto are purportedly bringing the 1967 Ford Mk. IV, Porsche 917/30 and Tyrrell P34 in 1/32nd scale; and the Cobra Coupe and a Porsche 917/10 and 917/30 in 1/24th.

ProSlot will have yet another version of the Ferrari Modena (Group N / GTR) and will be bringing out unpainted, inexpensive versions of the Toyota GT-One, Alfa Romeo 156 and Porsche 911 GT2 under the Polistil label.

Spirit is going after the classic rally market with a Peugeot 205T16 and Team Slot will have the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo in kit form, whereas Carrera will have the current Peugeot 307 WRC car in 1/32nd scale.

Plafit has a very complicated looking all new 1/32nd scale chassis that appears to be adjustable in every direction - ideal for the Revell Monogram slot car bodies that will be available separately.

Unfortunately, COL confirm our worst fears -- as with their P4, the Racer Ferrari 250LM will be 1/30th scale….

With kind regards


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Hi Russell,

The big news are Proslot's Modena N-GT car. That's really great.

How about Ninco's fences ? I guess they will only fit Ninco's own track ?

Exoto's listing is the same as last year ... They are beating Fly in terms of delay.

Regarding Spirit's 205, I think there are pictures of the prototype on Criccrac's site ...

Scalextric's new kits are great news but I hope they will bring new liveries this time ...
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