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More Ninco JGTC

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A few more for your delectation

As with my other Nincos, all of these cars have been set up to be used although the amount of use varies. All cars have glued bearings, sanded tyres and a chassis brace. The chassis brace is hotglued to motor and chassis and could probably be removed without damage if you're careful.

All of the cars have been looked after, not crashed n bashed. None have any body damage, all of them look great on the track or displayed on the shelf. But if you're looking for 100% MIB, sorry guys, you'll have to look elsewhere (and spend more!!).

G'zox 350Z £37.50

Xanavi 350Z £37.50

Houzan 350Z £37.50

Calsonic 350Z £37.50

350Z Test car relivery £37.50

Denso SC430 £32.00

Eclipse SC430 £32.00

Open Interface SC430 £32.00

Zent SC430. This one has a Slot.It HRS2 anglewinder chassis. £42.50

SC430 project car. Mint chassis, body disassembled and stripped, all parts are present. £22.50

Gallardo £32.00

Hitotsuyuma BMW M3 relivery £37.50

Amprex BMW M3 £40.00

UK post is £2.95 per car, overseas at cost. Any questions, please ask.

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Just a tip , no ones going to give you £32 for the Lexus denso when you can buy it from the shops online for £20
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