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I'm still making plans (on paper) to make a permanent track with Carrera Exclusiv tracksections (1/24).
I'm not only racing original 1/24 Carrera cars, but also want to race the more powerfull types alike GP16D, GP16SD and GP12.
This is a result of my past, racing national and international competition in clubs with wooden routed tracks.
I'd like to know what the maximum ampérage may be to load onto the original contactrails, before they start to heat up, resulting in "melting" the plastic track.
My power supply: 12V/13.5V, max. amps: 30 A
Has any of you any experience about this. I think there are some clubs out there, where they use carrera tracks, racing some kind of these cars, as well as plastic model cars, with steel chassis and powerfull motors.

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