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More Trans-Ams coming

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Updated information and Photos below!
Was given this photo to post By Scott Smith Of Noisy Muse products.

He is making some resin Javelin Tran-Am bodys in 1/32nd scale that will come as a kit using a Scalextric Camaro chassis for the running gear. It will come with printed instructions and all needed parts including a lightweight set of windows, for it. He says their will be 300 bodies made and each will be numbered and molded in the resin casting. below is #301. They will I am sure, not be painted in the kit version. Buyers will provide that in the liverey of their choice. More info to come!
Contact data will be provided when ready to sell.

Recieved some furthur info and corrections to my number of bodies to be available from the Source Mr Scott Smith of Noisey Muse. as follows.--

" Many thanks Mr. Larry.

Clarification on a couple points...

First, there won't be 300 bodies!! Good grief, I need to sleep SOMETIME. The pre-production bodies (review/evaluation/internal use) carry 300-series numbers. The "production" bodies run from #100 on and my intent is to produce 100 bodies. I can make more later if interest is there (MY interest...I'll undoubtedly be working on something else by then). The intent with the serial numbers (which are painstakingly cast into each body) is to create an online registry so people can see where the various kits have gone, how they were built, how they varied from "spec" (different chassis, livery, etc), pics, etc. Kind of like are done with limited interest/production "real" cars.

ALSO--THE KITS DO INCLUDE DECALS (kindly from the Iceman) to produce either of the Ron Kaplan team cars from the '68 season driven by George Follmer or Peter Revson.

Kit contents: resin body, vac screen, decal sheet, piece of styrene sheet, and detailed instructions. Everything you need except paint and tape to turn a Scalextric Camaro into a Javelin. All in a stylishly labeled box.

The bodies have casting pads cast in that mate right to the Scalextric Camaro and are dimpled for EASY drilling to mount, unlike some other resin kits many of us have built.

The "lightweight" windscreens are from Mr. Shephard himself, bless him. These kits are TRULY only possible through the help of kind folks like Larry and John.

Pre-production kits have gone out today. Ken should have one in his hot little hands late this week. We'll see what HE has to say.

Kit production is ongoing and I'm working with a few retailers/shops to establish initial orders. If you are interested in a kit (or kits...I won't kick if you buy two, one of each livery) you should have your favorite scale racing shop get ahold of me at [email protected] . Feel free to e-mail me as well if you have additional questions about this kit or upcoming releases from The MUSE."

Larry contiunes--
Thanks for the clarification on my number of bodies goof. Well anyway if demand is there, as he says, there might be a few more. He sent me a few more pictures to add in, here they are.

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Looks nice....

Only 300? I would think more than that would be interested in them. Better jump on them if you really want one eh?

Any talk of $$?
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