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A while back i mentioned i was looking for wheels or inserts for the Morris Minor i'm working on so i thought i would share my progress so far.

Resin Shell from Pendle/BMC32.
Trafaglar Blue Paint from Halfords.
Coloured decals on Crafty Papers Water Slide lazer paper and white Alps decals from a friend.
Coach lines proving very tricky and the white decals are very thin.
First time i have use bare metal foil - still some work to do, but love it.

It's a fairly interesting story the car used to be owned by the (then) Archbishop of Canterbury. I bought the book to try and find as much decal info as i could, but still ended up re-drawing many - including the yellow rally plate. It was a typical private entry especially in terms of the logo placement - i.e. they are all over the place!

Wheels wise - i'm thinking MRRC
and filling in the holes.

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Who doesn't love a Minor? Great work so far and looking forward to seeing it progress. Could you possible turn down the Charger wheels that Julian suggested and use them as inserts? Might be easier and yield a neater result than trying to fill the MRRC wheels. The Carrera '57 Chevy Bel Air might work too. Bare Metal Foil is brilliant isn't it? I'm just using it for the first time myself and am amazed at what you can do with it. I've found one of those magnifying daylight lamps a real help too although I'm refusing to admit to age-impaired eyesight!

Good luck and keep the updates coming.



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Very nice Gareth

Philip Young twisted my arm and got me to do the `88 Marathon hence being allocated the same number

We didn`t have bare metal foil so we painted the bumpers matt black.
He recommended that we try Unipart for sponsorship - they didn`t want to know

It`ll be good to see the finished product in the flesh.

Cheers - Phil
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