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Here are a few things I have picked up on in testing on both Mugello (Scaley Sport) and Suzuka (Carrera). They run badly on both these circuits but they are getting better. I don't think they will ever be a race series, too limited on tigher curves so you lose the point of 4 or more lanes.

OK, here's my few pence worth -

The bikes are not best on sharper curves - so to get the best from them you need a special track set up for them, preferably with only the larger curve radii or wide banked ones. Also wise is not to have twisty, direction changing chicanes but wide sweeping bends and long straights to get the best from their speed and limit the adverse high centre of gravity effects.

The track has to be totally flat, they do not like rises and drops at all.

They do not like Scalextric Classic, SCX or Ninco for the simple reason that the rails on these tracks are raised and cause problems for the rear wheel and the balance of the outriggers.

Changing the braid to something like Slot It or NSR ultra flat makes a huge difference.

You HAVE to have a smooth controller, no jerky movements so get the ohm rating right or use an electronic.

Increasing the magnetic downforce makes things worse, even a bar magnet works less well than the button supplied.

Making the front tyre zero grip (coat of super glue or your wifes nail varnish works fine) is a must but watch our for decreasing the diameter too much before you do this. I found not decreasing it at all was best.

If you have to true the rear tyre - don't make it flat in profile and take alot more time than usual to true it, the compound is soft and easily ruined.

Gluing the rear tyre to the rim also helps ALOT, because of the soft compound of the rubber and the acceleration of the bikes, they deform easily and widen on the rim.

Pay attention to the voltage you run them on, because of their potential high speed and acceleration, you only need 12volts max, any more and they out perform their capabilites handling wise.

Weight on the outriggers (Hornby call them the 'bat wings'
) is a good way to go either with or without magnet and I agree with Lotus03 that 15 grams is about optimum (over all, not both sides!)

Also important and not mentioned elewhere in this thread is the fine tuning of the outriggers - They can be bent to lower or raise them from the track surface, optimal seems to be the thickness of a heavier grade cigarette paper between the track surface and outrigger ( Rizzla sponsorship anyone?).

Remember these are the first ones! they WILL be improved (Scalextric official comment) - look out for outrigger weight packs in the near future I have been told and they will be available as seperate items. Improving performance and lowering the centre of gravity is high on the Scalextric list of priorities for these bikes.

Above all I found you need to forget anything you know or learnt driving slot cars and be prepared for another learning curve.

Would I buy more? probably not, two are fine for the middle two lanes.

Am I sorry I bought them? no, but I am a little chagrined that I had to do so much work, but then these are not the worst slot related movement tools I have bought work wise and my son loves them so thats all that matters in the end I guess.

I had a review 'in hand' and almost finished. I won't bother now

CONGRATULATIONS Lotus03! a great thread and its turning into one of the first 'in depth' reviews of these machines around, lets have some more pics and maybe we (SF) can formulate the best and most relevant parts of the thread and get them into the the resource section.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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