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Moto GP countdown

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Moto GP Website

It will be online at midnight Wednesday 28 Jan. Check it out
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Sheesh, Tropi.

Do you think maybe since one figure hundreths, the next is seconds, the next is minutes, hours and ... the next is days. Or day, as it now reads '1'.
QUOTE Bowlextric

What? Where? Who? Eh?

I know I'm the king of negativity but this was priceless stuff.

What a laugh! The image of guys excitedly watching that ticker count down to zero and then....phut! Nada! Zip! Zero!

What a laugh.

Well done Margate!
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So, I've just read a little on the site in question: interesting concept - magnets on the riders! Damn things are getting everywhere these days.

Didn't read the site that closely so, can these things negotiate flat curves? I'd love to see what happens to the handle bars if you do. Guess these kings of speed will have to sloooow down to a snail's pace in order to achieve a double inner hairpin.

Sorry, not convinced these things will still be with us in two years.

How long 'til someone calls for a Moto GP only board?
Soi-disant, Inte. Soi-disant.

That doesn't look like a boring holiday snap, Mr M. Can't see I could ever persuade Mrs Wankel to book us in there though.

How do they marshal those far corners?
QUOTE ...and the new bread of MotoGP slot bike enthusiast.

Specialist marketing gone mad - a loaf aimed at the Hell's Angels. Presumably wrapped in dirty denim?

QUOTE They wobble, are slow, fall out of the slot easy ,lean the wrong way but look great.

Oh, bring 'em to the market place I say, sounds like they are ready. Fantastic.

Hope the licence didn't cost too much.

I am, rolling on the floor laughing. Thanks for cheering a snuffly Wankel up.
1 - 6 of 106 Posts
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