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Moto GP countdown

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Moto GP Website

It will be online at midnight Wednesday 28 Jan. Check it out
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a hah! wrong moped..

the car will remember the circuit after you take it off, in theory it should keep it in "memory" for the next time unless learn in pressed while the car is on track


p.s I said nowt! mind I hant been on
there is a good chance I could build the getgets from challenger into another car as long as it's a SW car. hmm should be interesting

QUOTE I'll give Challenger MotoGp 2 years

I intend on giving it 2 seconds to look where it's going to go then put it there!

the bin!
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who you callin sad I'm lookin for a socket for my new controller

slot_d I will and if it's not up Inte 1 - 0 Moto GP!

still cant find a socket!

yeah quite.. what a waste of time! Horah!

I said "wooo - hooo"


p.s I preferred the timer!
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wankel, king of negativity.. you sure?


p.s can we have a moto gype board.. oops nevermind!
that means not only will you have to spend £60 on buying 2 bikes so you can race you will also have to spend £15 I think on the new track supports that let you have multilayers!

must say.. it's great this money spinner eh?

1 - 9 of 106 Posts
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