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Moto GP countdown

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Moto GP Website

It will be online at midnight Wednesday 28 Jan. Check it out
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That's Bolwextric, Wankel, and I agree with Slik, fantastic track!

Just to chip in my 2p worth on the "will they/won't they lean" debate.

Why do you think Hornby have re issued banked bends? Make things lean, don't they?

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Nuro, if you and/or Swiss are over for the toyfair and have Friday night free, perhaps you'd like to come and have a go on the Bolwextric track(s).

You might have to keep ducking with that bloody logo flying around the room like that though!

Apologies in advance!

Just adding a pic of the Bolwextric track mentioned (completely off topic I might add) earlier in this thread from my brand new Star Photos account activated today as an exercise in posting photos.

Thanks, Tropi, for the excellent resource you provided!


Now you lot are in about boring holiday snaps!

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Wankel, regarding the track, although it doesn't appear so in the pic, the only part that is hard against the wall is the short straight on the right side of the top loop. You can see on the far wall the "podium" position flags for the corporate/birthday parties.

Keen MTV watchers will possibly have seen the pitlane before. It was used for a Foot Locker ad that has been running recently.

Back to the topic,

QUOTE The motor bike racing community appear to be more understanding and are just happy to have a product that moves and offers an opportunity to race their favourite heroes.

Where did that golden nugget of propaganda come from?

No need for photo edit, Jonny, one of them is a big kid now.

Scott, the biggest blind spot was the entire back straight before you emerged out through the tunnel.

Slik, perhaps I could help Scott give away those signed prints cluttering his office, by awarding one to the first person to get it right.

MK is in my diary, we'll try to arrange a meeting point for another team outing.

Is the photo a bit to big for a sig? I don't want people on dial up having to wait all night to read the forum!

Mr.M (previously Master M.)
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1 - 5 of 106 Posts
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