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Moto GP countdown

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Moto GP Website

It will be online at midnight Wednesday 28 Jan. Check it out
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So, in only...

days, hours, minutes, seconds or whatever, we will know if they....

lean or not!

Personally, I can't wait! I love 'em bikes!
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Well, this morning I got out of bed, had a shower, enjoyed breakfast, and turned on my laptop, looking forward to seeing the much anticipated Scalextric MotoGP range.

Guess what? Nothing. Zippo. Zilch.

So, I guess that Scalextric should now has a vacancy for a new Marketing Manager. The idiot deserves to be fired. Moped, it's the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

Just remember, golden rule number 1, never, but never, promise and then not deliver. Don't ever try to con your existing and potential customers, especially if it's a global audience. It can and will bring tremendous disrepute to any company.

I was really looking forward to seeing the new MotoGP bikes. I feel cheated.

Horah indeed!

Kind regards

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Ok, so the people are doing a better PR job for the Scalextric MotoGP bikes than Hornby are doing:-

World Superbike Champion Neil Hodgson and 250cc grand prix star Chaz Davies go head-to-head Scalextric-style to launch the first-ever motorbike slot-racing system

Here's a race not to miss! Neil Hodgson, the current World Superbike Champion and 16-year- old Chaz Davies, the youngest-ever rider to score 250cc world championship points, will be involved in a head-to-head bike challenge to win the inaugural Scalextric MotoGP race at this year's UK Toy Fair at Excel Exhibition Centre, London.

Hornby is launching a full range of Scalextric motorbike slot racing products based on the MotoGP World Championship. MotoGP's appeal is comparable to that of Formula One. It schedules 16 races worldwide every year and regularly attracts over 150,000 fans to races with a global TV audience for each Grand Prix totalling 320 million.

Scalextric has secured a worldwide exclusive license to produce Scalextric sets and individual bikes in the liveries of all the MotoGP teams and riders.

The Scalextric MotoGP bikes are breathtakingly highly detailed 1/18th scale models. Some of the bikes feature decoration resulting from in excess of 200 different print operations. Models of 16 of the series top riders and bikes will be released over the course of 2004. There will also be 3 different sized race-ready sets containing 2 bikes, track and hand throttles.

Neil and Chaz will be on the Hornby stand No NE54 from 10.00am for a practice session, with the ultimate race taking place at 10.30am.

Thursday 29th January 04 @ 10.30am Venue: Hornby Stand No NE54, Toy Fair, Excel Exhibition Centre, London
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QUOTE Hornby have been advised so just in case any of you have thought about contacting Hornby its been done.

Can't say anymore.

Well done, Mope! Nothing better than a wake-up call when needed. You saved Hornby from possible embarassment and no doubt someone's job!

What would Scalextric do without you?

Kind regards

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1 - 4 of 106 Posts
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