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In reference to the Moto GP photos:

Basically, those particular photos had been leaked and we were requested (not told) to remove them. This request was made the day they came out, but due to confusion and email problems, I only got wind of it yesterday.

We have always said that we maintain the right to free editorial content in the forums. Nobody will tell us what to write. But this is about intellectual property that is still the property of the owner and not released to the market. I don't think that we should be giving Hornby a hard time over the issue.

We've been working very hard to get the manufacturers to give us information. Situations like these leaked photos is a prime example. Hornby now becomes more tight and restrained and we only hear about new products the day they hit the shelves.

As we were taking the photos off, Scalextric agreed with us that the photos had been available on the Internet for so long now that it was too late to call them all in. So we left the rest on and told the people who had originally posted them that they could re-post them.

As a side note, think of the possible consequence of all this. Other competitors may now have seized the chance to produce a product similar to this and now reduce Hornby's lead to the market. Hornby then may decide that the products are not worth the time and money to produce and end up scrapping the idea. We could end up by damaging the same market that we are trying to promote.

It is very difficult to please everyone all the time. We try very hard to do just that, but we end up from time to time all twisted and bent.

We've let the photos back on and now perhaps we should move on.

Allan Wakefield
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I have to hold my hand up and take some of the blame for this little contretemps...

The email was sent to me asking if the photos could be removed as they had got out accidently. This arrived the day my PC threw a paddy so I didn't get it until yesterday and then probably reacted too fast as it was late, and without thinking OR waiting for a reply to an Email I had sent in reply.

SORRY folks!!!
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