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G'day Guys,

Great news.........

...providing the ''system'' Scalextric uses works in a realistic manner! Does anyone remember the KYOSHO brand R/C GP bikes from the late 80's early 90's??

We used to race them as a seperate event in our on-road RC club. Initially we had the class for 1/24 Tamiya Tamtech cars, but some ''bright spark'' thought the Kyosho bikes were a better idea, so we got them and used our Tamtech radio gear in them.

Entertaining??? More like ultimate frustration, tank slapping, more wobbling than a ''fat arsed lady on a pushbike''!

Loving (for the most part anyway) Scalextric products, I place my faith in them with this project.

If they are half way decent, we'll be starting a class for them at our home circuit, two of my mates are mad keen MotoGP fans, plus cousin Martin in Brizzie, WOW, think of all the new people I will now be able to ''infect'' with our great hobby!!!!

Best Wishes,

Rob Wessling.

MILLENNIUM RACEWAY Slot Racing at Darling Downs, Q.
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