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Motor cooling

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Astro's post re: Ninco Subaru got me thinking. I know, it doesn't happen very often! Quite a few motors come with stickers wrapped around them. The one's which concern me are the mabuchi ones such as those supplied in Pink Kar, and also the proslot evo range. The cans, as most of you know have 2 cooling slots (I presume that's what they are) on one side, running parallel to the armature. I usually cut the stickers away from these slots. Am I wasting my time or would it do some good say, in an endurance race?
I know the slots make it easy to spray lighter fluid in to clean the comm (hopefully)

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I think those slots you're refering to are there to hold the magnets in place at the bottom of the can (there's a spring clip at the top) If you want cooling then you would need to cut more holes similar to Slotit and some of the Sun motor configurations. The best thing you can do to keep motors cool is reduce friction. This can cost anywhere from nothing(align everything properly) to a few Euros (adding ball bearings and balancing the armature).
Also you're better off using isopropyl alcohol to clean comms in the motor. Chance of fire is greatly reduced.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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