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Motor cooling

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Astro's post re: Ninco Subaru got me thinking. I know, it doesn't happen very often! Quite a few motors come with stickers wrapped around them. The one's which concern me are the mabuchi ones such as those supplied in Pink Kar, and also the proslot evo range. The cans, as most of you know have 2 cooling slots (I presume that's what they are) on one side, running parallel to the armature. I usually cut the stickers away from these slots. Am I wasting my time or would it do some good say, in an endurance race?
I know the slots make it easy to spray lighter fluid in to clean the comm (hopefully)

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noticed something in more old stuff thread, but my comment seems more appropriate here...

Sidewinder and someone else before (which i didnt find) was talking about motor freezing (ideally with an electronic safe freezer spray, not dangerous butane).

I haven't tried this - seems like a good idea particularly after tyre trueing which heats my engines up no end, but they were talking about before a race too, starting with it very cold.

So - is it a good idea? does the sudden temperature change have adverse affects? does it do any good?



... also on the 'cleaning motors' topic, no - I have never cleaned a motor before, and they probably are all full of bits of tyre from truing... so can you go through the procedure with notes of anything to be cautious about? Do you just fill the thing up with lighter fluid and let rip?????
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