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Motor cooling

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Astro's post re: Ninco Subaru got me thinking. I know, it doesn't happen very often! Quite a few motors come with stickers wrapped around them. The one's which concern me are the mabuchi ones such as those supplied in Pink Kar, and also the proslot evo range. The cans, as most of you know have 2 cooling slots (I presume that's what they are) on one side, running parallel to the armature. I usually cut the stickers away from these slots. Am I wasting my time or would it do some good say, in an endurance race?
I know the slots make it easy to spray lighter fluid in to clean the comm (hopefully)

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I imagine it would make it cooler over a long period of time. Unfortunatly, I don't think it would make any performance difference as the motors don't really slow down when they are hot. So the only reason would be so you don't burn your hand when you pick it up, lol.

Have you never cleaned a motor before?!?!

Surely no-one still thinks that it will all ignite in your face... If this has ever happened, I will personally replace your eyebrows (I have enough for two people). For the last time, the flammable liquid conducts the electricity so that it doesn't spark. Therefore no explosions, see?

Right here's how to properly flush out an old or dirty motor:

1. Remove from chassis.

2. Get a glass jaer and fill it up with either lighter fluid, white spirit, or a similar kind of cleaner.

3. Very Important! Emerse motor fully in liquid. FULLY. make sure everything except the wire are under the liquid.

4. Hook up to 9 volt battery. Not power supply.

5. Shield anything important; eyes, mouth, carpet.

Reasons: Fully emerse the motor because, as someone said earlier, the arcing can sometimes ignite the liquid. Not so, when it is fully emersed.
Don't use a power supply, because sometimes the liquid conducts and sghorts the power supply. At the very least, you will need a new power supply, at most an electrition to rewire your house...
Shield everything. Sometimes the liquid will splash a bit. As it's a powerful cleaner with loads of motor carp in it, itr could blind you or worse, wreck you mum's or your spouses carpet. Either place the jam jar lid back on or just do it on a tray.

This is how I do it, but I am in no way responsible how any injury resulting from ignition, blindness or a clout round the ear. After doing this, give it a bit of a clean with some water, then run it till it drys out.

When you just want to"juice" motor, while it's still in the chassis, get chosen liquid in a syringe or squity bottle. Spray on to Com and or brushes, and lightly on the bearings at each end of the shaft.
Useable liquids for squirting are: lighter fluid, switch cleaner, wd40, duck oil, white spirit, RC Com drops or other cleaning fluids.

After squirting, run the motor with a 9v battery for a couple of seconds.

Motor speed can increase by up to 50%. Just try it. Make sure that it's all dry before you put it on the track, 'cos otherwise you'll be disqualified, or screw up the track.

Hope this all helps, anything else?

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Talk about science wizz...

Well done Fergy, yet again you have explained the theory behind an everyday slot racing occurance.
But how on earth do you know about cavitation? What's you're engineering background?

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