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Motor cooling

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Astro's post re: Ninco Subaru got me thinking. I know, it doesn't happen very often! Quite a few motors come with stickers wrapped around them. The one's which concern me are the mabuchi ones such as those supplied in Pink Kar, and also the proslot evo range. The cans, as most of you know have 2 cooling slots (I presume that's what they are) on one side, running parallel to the armature. I usually cut the stickers away from these slots. Am I wasting my time or would it do some good say, in an endurance race?
I know the slots make it easy to spray lighter fluid in to clean the comm (hopefully)

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My favorite for this type of cleaning was the now generally banned carbon tetrachloride - a very powerful cleaner, non-flammable and prone to cause liver damage (although, despite the fact that I once used rags soaked with it to clean the rails of my HO gauge model trains, I still take my before dinner tipple and a bit of wine with sans any apparent distress). I find that a bit of braid cleaner squirted in to the motor in the general direction of the commutator keeps things running a bit smoother and faster. I also use braid cleaner soaked pipe cleaners to clean my braids before running- and, when allowed, between heats. It is truly amazing to see the amount of dirt that comes off with each application! Use commercial electrical contact cleaner with caution. Some of them are not kind to styrene. They won't dmage the motor but could cause an unfortunate redecoration of any neighboring body bits.

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