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motor placement in inliner-chassis

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i just took one of my Dslot cars apart and was wondering if the handling of the car would improve if i move the motor nearer to the rear axle?

i´ve built some chassis with nearly the same configurations and by now i tend to say that the handling would improve with the motor in the backmost position.

what do you think?

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i think i can get the motor back 2 or 3mm, cutting the motor axle and cutting the pinion.
this would apply for the 917 and the 962 chassis (SS and L).
sheet styrene chassis with the original axle/tires, motor, pinion, crown, brass bearings made from brass tube 3/2.4mm.
i don´t want to cut the motor axle and the pinion if it´s worth nothing.

left - this is the goal right - original DSlot

i want to get THIS!
this is not possible with the DSlot chassis and the DSlot body mounting. Also the motor is too high, cannot be changed. So i will build a chassis that will work for me.

just wanted opinions and experiences about the motor placement as i´m lacking there ...
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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