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motor placement in inliner-chassis

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i just took one of my Dslot cars apart and was wondering if the handling of the car would improve if i move the motor nearer to the rear axle?

i´ve built some chassis with nearly the same configurations and by now i tend to say that the handling would improve with the motor in the backmost position.

what do you think?

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Overall, I would say yes Peter, BUT there are many factors to consider, Size of motor, smaller motor further back, a big motor like Artin, maybe not so much, because the pendulum effect will most likely be too great for the tires to overcome. Oh, and then there's the tires! Skinny tires will need some weight over them, but again it could get to be too much pretty fast; Wider tires with more contact could probably easily stand the additional weight. What about wheelbase? Long wheelbase car with extreme rearward mount might not be good either???

Hard to say with the D-slot, how much fore/aft adjustability do you have?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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