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Motor racing board games - memories?

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I was having a look through a 1950's Eagle annual the other day and came across an advert for Subbuteo motor racing. Now I had the usual football version and a school friend had the cricket one. I also vaguely remember a rugby version but I had never heard of this one so I asked Mr Google and he informed me that there were four versions of the same thing - motor racing, horse racing, speedway and cycle speedway - all using ball bearings shot down a tube to move the vehicles! LINK Apparently none sold very well and they are 'Mega Rare' today. Has anybody got one or memories of playing with it?

While we are on the subject, I have a well used Waddingtons Formula One board game in the loft. This sold very well in the sixties and there are loads on eBay. Anybody still play with theirs or have distant memories of 'tyre wear 1, brake wear 2' on their little card dashboards?

There must be other motor racing board games out there - who can add to the list?
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That rally game from the 50s is very impressive.

I would think that D.B. was the DB Panhard - mostly known for the Index of Performance at Le Mans, but they must have done Rally racing too.

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