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Kevs Racing Bits
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I've got an old game from my dad's childhood somewhere in the house, canvas track and tiny wooden cars, Frazer Nash is one and a yellow VW beetle... Not a clue what it's called, I spent hours playing with it and made my own rules. I'll try and find it and take pics.

Kevs Racing Bits
6,487 Posts
I found my Dads old racing game, it's more of a floor game than a board game. He always thought it was called Mini Monaco or something like that, he was never sure but it's from the 50's.

Canvas track (getting frail now, this is the first time I've opened it out for over 25 years.

All the pieces are wood and hand painted, the cars had their name painted underneath but some can't be read now. The dice are what I cobbled together and created my own rules (probably over complicated knowing me
). I would spend all day racing, of course I had a favourite car.

The overall layout:


A closeup of the cars (that's a 1p coin for size comparison):


Notes painted on the track:


Back of the grandstand:




My dice:


Marshalls post:


The stars of the show:


Cars - from left to right if I can read the writing underneath otherwise a guess would be helpful:

- I think it's a Nash-Healey (this was my favourite)

- Aston Martin DB2 'Works'

- Jaguar XK120C

- Jaguar XK120C

- Monopole

- D.B. (I presume that means Daimler Benz)

- Ferrari America

- Renault 4

- Lester MG

- Frazer Nash

- 3 Litre Delage

- Frazer Nash

I've never seen another and any more info would be great.

...I've just noticed in the photo of the grandstand it says Nash-Healey so that's probably the first car.
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