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Motorhead Speedway

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Well, I decided to finally venture into building a wood track (if routed MDF counts as "wood"). My excuse was needing a student track for a slot car club I'm trying to start at school. I have no space for running or storage, except for what I can squeeze into my small classroom. So the design criteria were very specific. I started with a small test oval just to get going, and then dove into a 4' x 16' two-piece track. I finished it in May, and we've had a number of fun races with both students, as well as the AZGR club I race with.

Here it is in the driveway setting on some folding tables, just after some basics were completed:

And here set up and ready to race on the desks in my classroom...

I did blow-by-blow tutorials over on Slotblog, if I'm allowed to say that, for both the test oval and the speedway including the jigs I either made or bought.

For the students, we run IROC style Scalextric NASCARs at 11.5 v (so students without their own car can still participate), but the club students have each built a Sprints Plus kit with Slick-7 motor. We run these crazy sprints at 9v.

Trackmate software.

Already planning my next track!

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Awesome, Stan! What do you have in mind for the next one?
Yeah, routing is easy, but you have to have a plan. That first test was as much to test the router as anything else.
I look forward to seeing your plans. The only reason I might not pull the plastic is if you still run magnets from time to time. But even then, you could go with magnabraid.
I think if I go routed, I'll want to do magnabraid so that I can still run both ways. I like variety, and going copper would only limit that.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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