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Motorhead Speedway

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Well, I decided to finally venture into building a wood track (if routed MDF counts as "wood"). My excuse was needing a student track for a slot car club I'm trying to start at school. I have no space for running or storage, except for what I can squeeze into my small classroom. So the design criteria were very specific. I started with a small test oval just to get going, and then dove into a 4' x 16' two-piece track. I finished it in May, and we've had a number of fun races with both students, as well as the AZGR club I race with.

Here it is in the driveway setting on some folding tables, just after some basics were completed:

And here set up and ready to race on the desks in my classroom...

I did blow-by-blow tutorials over on Slotblog, if I'm allowed to say that, for both the test oval and the speedway including the jigs I either made or bought.

For the students, we run IROC style Scalextric NASCARs at 11.5 v (so students without their own car can still participate), but the club students have each built a Sprints Plus kit with Slick-7 motor. We run these crazy sprints at 9v.

Trackmate software.

Already planning my next track!

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Hey, Bill! Sounds pretty close to what I did with the COTs. Indygrips on the back, and a bit of weight right where the magnet was. I started them out on 9v so they could get the pacing and feel of how to race, and then up to 11.5v.

The Sprints are crrrraaaazy fast and furious- and the open wheels provide spectacular crashes! I'll see if I have some pics.

Found a couple pics...

Here's a sprint car winding through the "snake pit"

Some Scaleauto 1/24 cars...

And some young racers...

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I've got an 8' x 20' in my head and on graph paper. I'm trying to decide if I want to take down my Carrera and build it. I saw your routed track experiment on the 'Tube. Looks cool!

All the wood tracks in our AZGR club built by Bob Scott have Magnabraid. They are awesome! However, at this point, I personally don't get the chills and thrills from the magnet cars we race. So I'll be going with the 1 mm copper. The conductivity is awesome. And the mdf is so super smooth. I made a jig to simply roll and guide the copper onto the mdf, so at $7 per 30 yards it's cheap, and I can roll it down as quick as I can push the jig-- doing a whole 4-lane track in a couple hours. The 16' 4-lane Motorhead has no additional power taps, and the current is robust everywhere on the lanes. The two pieces are pushing against each other with no wiring harnesses. Two lag bolts hold them tight.

Here's the jig I made to roll down the copper tape. Sadly, I knocked it off the workbench and broke off a chunk of the clear plastic base
but it still works just fine.

My wiring diagram consultant...

Enjoying a small cup of coffee...

Here's what the 4-lane wiring looks like for the dead strip version of Trackmate system...

The blue electrical box is a switch to manually close the power relay, so racers can still run laps while you fiddle with setting up the races in the software.

Building can be messy!

Here are some sprint cars and young racers lined up on my Ingram Hill Carrera track...

A couple of these guys are getting fast! Not sure how long age and cunning can hold off the reflexes and energy of youth!

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Some odds and ends...

Here's how the two track pieces have to be stored next to some lockers in the classroom. The side and center walls all need to be removable:

A flyer I used to start interest in the club (before I built the Motorhead track):

Students soldering in motors:

Working on gear mesh:

Nice bright snappy colors before the surface got rubbered in...

Dang, that Lola looks sweet!

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