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I've wanted to convert several cars to no-mag, NC-1 power but the cost of the NC-1's has stopped me. I've finally found some can drive motors that run similar to the Ninco NC-1's at a low price. The shaft extends from the can end and will fit an Artin, Carrera, Ninco, Pink-Kar, and Revell/Monogram cars.

They run at 85~90% of the RPM of a Ninco NC-1. No carbon brushes, they use copper fingers/brushes against the commutator. The can end has a bronze bushing, the brush end runs in the plastic end-bell. That end is heavily greased at the manufacturer so won't need oiled.

During testing, a voltage increase of 2V will give the same speed as the NC-1's. The motors ran cool and had good braking. I've got (4) converted already and think they run great. I've got another group of cars to convert as soon as time allows.

Best part is they sell for $4 each so they're cheap.

Drop me an email at [email protected] if you're interested. Shipping will be at cost from a 43944 Zip Code in the USA.


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