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Motors for Scalextric F1's

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I have a couple of scalextric F1 cars , I have put on some indy grips along with a professor motor gold magnet and although I now got loads of grip the magnet is a bit to strong for the motor

I am new to the changing the motor scene and was wondering if someone could
advise me to which is the best drop in replacement for this motor ?
Max straight is not much above 8-9 standard straights (so say 3 meters).
I don't want to change rear axel or crown , just want a drop in replacement
motor - so must have crown attached , really after a motor with
more torque but higher top end would be nice as well.

Thanks in advance.

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I think what Peter is trying to say is you may be better off changing the crown than the motor. A 28 instead of the standard 27 would be cheaper and more able to push the stronger magnet and as you said you only have shortish straights.
Your only problem is finding a 28 to fit the Scalextric rear axle. If you do it would be easier to file down the Knurl a touch under the wheels once removed as it will make it easier to slide off the crown. It isn't too hard if you are careful.

You could try putting an 8 tooth on the motor but this will lower your gear ratio more than putting a 28 crown on the axle. Probably the easiest option though. Make sure the pitch suits the crown though.

The problem with changing the motor is that the style of motor in the Scalextric F1 is low on torque and the revier motors are even more so.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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