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Motors for Scalextric F1's

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I have a couple of scalextric F1 cars , I have put on some indy grips along with a professor motor gold magnet and although I now got loads of grip the magnet is a bit to strong for the motor

I am new to the changing the motor scene and was wondering if someone could
advise me to which is the best drop in replacement for this motor ?
Max straight is not much above 8-9 standard straights (so say 3 meters).
I don't want to change rear axel or crown , just want a drop in replacement
motor - so must have crown attached , really after a motor with
more torque but higher top end would be nice as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Definately change the ratio. MRRC do an 8T plastic pinion or if you really want to go for Proslot do a 8T pinion and a 30T crownwheel (from the GT1 Toyota).

Be a little careful with the pinion a take a small round needle file to the inside to allow it to slip on to the motor output shaft a little easier. The plastic is a little brittle and might crack.

A Ninco NC4 would be a good move too. You may need to trim around the motor pod though.

Mr C
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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