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Mouldy 60's Scaley

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Hi Folks,

A friend who is going abroad has left me a box of old Scaley stuff.

I've got a Ferrari 250 GT with what appears to be spots of white mould all over it.

Any ideas for cleaning it up?


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Hi John,

One of my favourite aspects of the hobby is restoring old cars.

Completely agree with Jonny S and Grah1, I personally think the milder the chemical so to speak, is always best though.

Start with a soap solution such as a mild washing up detergent, if that won't remove any stubborn staines, i'd then move onto something with abit more umph, so to speak.
T-Cut is good, although never tried toothpaste (will do now) once cleaned, I personally like to follow up with a general polish.

Be careful when washing earlier decalled cars, avoid scrubbing too hard directly on the decals (as they will fade or tear) however, detergent does remove the gunk or old glue surrounding the decals without damaging the decal itself with abit of patience.

Regarding polishing, it is great although time consuming but it can remove light marks/scratches also removes the dullness which effects old neglected cars, restoring the showroom shine.

A BMW which was when first acquired looking very tired, but now IMHO restored to former glory. hoorah

Best regards, Jamie.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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