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I have , due to fortuitous circumstances beyond my own personal control, taken up temporary (hopefully permanent) gratis refuge in a multimillion dollar Mediterranean styled estate.

In exchange for serving as a dog caregiver, housekeeper, and doing light groundskeeping for the wealthy owner when he is at work and traveling internationally on business, I receive room, board, and a small stipend to amend my US Social Security Retirement benefits.

All my slot car stuff is packed up and ready to move from my garage to a different rented flat and its future garage/slot man cave OR, pending events, here to a large empty multi-car garage.

In the meantime I enjoy cappuccinos and caramel lattes every morning in the courtyard or creek side veranda plotting the design/permanent installation on elevated tables of my DMXSlots track with my scratchbuilt DIY 2.4 Ghz RF - based 1/32 and 1/24 slot cars.

With the available garage space AND covered driveway outside either residences’ 24’ deep garage building, I have the ability to, on some special occasions, to extend the main and back straights to nearly 40’ without the aquisition of a great number of spendy plastic DMXSlots track pieces, in that I have found a guy locally who has tentatively agreed, with the aid of his CNC equipment, to precisely cut 11 narrow/shallow DMXSlots-centric slots into 8” wide sections of MDF to create six 8’ lengths of straight track out of a single 1/8”- 1/2” thick 4’x8’ sheet of MDF to mate up with the DMXSlots plastic track slots. A few OEM pieces of track will be sacrificed to supply track connection pieces.

I also have plans to acquire a 6’x12’enclosed cargo trailer to transport a smaller portable concession/event/ birthday party track via racks mounted below the inside roof of the trailer, thus keeping the trailer volume available for temporary storage/hauling of furniture, motorcycles, garden equipment, etc.

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