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There is a scale drawing of the two main tracks, and the room they're in, on the club website.
The current main room measures 51ft 6in x 25ft 6in.
You then need enough extra space to fit the Slotstox track and a refreshment area.
As I understand it the space we have been offered in Corby is big enough for all three tracks in one room but I've not actually been there and measured it myself.
The price we are being asked for as rent, although more than at present, is very reasonable and it's a much more modern building.
There is apparently a fairly significant amount of work to be done before we can move in but this should not cost the club too much money provided we get enough helpers for some regular work parties.
When it comes to moving the tracks, the Slotstox is obviously very easy, the Raceway should be very straightforward but will require some re-braiding, and the Scale track is likely to involve quite a lot of work. This will apply no matter where we move to.
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