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These "MPC" chassis for the Manta Ray and the Lola T70 were actually produced by Mastercraft, the business partner of Fred Rannalli, for MPC. Mastercraft was to release its own, Mabuchi powered version of the T70, but while propaganda was produced, it apparenly was never released, likely because the MPC boys must have objected.
It was all ready to go, down to the packaging...

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Oh never mind... :)

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Yep, look like Manta Ray chassis; the same basic chassis was used on MPC's own metallic finish T70, but I assume with narrower tires and/or track.

Those are some pretty fancy wheels on the Rannalli version, P. Too bad it never came out - no remnants anywhere?

Nice find on the MPC lot!

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I understand that John,some manufactures want to escape paying royalties.But my point is Dean named his car Mantaray why would we not do the same?

e.g. would you suggest we start calling Tamiya's Lola T70, "Lora T70"
This may of been a simple mistake and there may be better examples of your point?

Did any manufacture of the Batmobile ever rename it Bat Mobile to avoid copyrights disputes?
I cannot find any.


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We did not race crocs, but I am told that some folks do today and bet in these races. Well, OK then.
Personally, I see a source of basic material for expensive Kelly bags for wealthy females... :p
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