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46,000 rpm JK Falcon, 1/32nd scale Pro-Track "Spider" chassis, ball bearing bushings,
carbon fiber axles, Slot-it gears and rear wheels, 1/24th scale Parma "The Blade" guide.

And 9 traction magnets.

And it feels like it will go a lot faster. Just getting used to it. Feels light as a feather. Only had to make 1 custom motor mount bracket to get it to fit in the
Pro-Track chassis. Took the original front motor mount and made it the rear. Motor fits in there nice.

Man is it smooth.

Ran it down the 24 foot front straight, into a 180 degree banked turn (at 57 degrees) and down a 33 foot back straight in 1.998 seconds.

That's 62.5 feet of track in just under 2 seconds.

At 15 volts.

With the new record it AVERAGES 16.002 feet per second for 1 full lap.

Might be time to fire up the Rotor Motor Fly cars.

They AVERAGED about 18.5 feet per second when the track was 154 feet long, and I've got a lot more straights in the track now.

Each lane has 140 feet of straight-a-ways.

They've been in the shop getting rebuilt.

The garage door said "NO".




Rev (it up)
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