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Our club had one of these for under retail, so I thought I would give it a whirl.

Appearances all looked pretty good, nice clean tampo mostly, a rubberized mount for the wing which is a great idea, unfortunatly they didn't apply that too the wing mirrors though !
I suspect they will soon come adrift after some heated racing, but then Mr Slotcar are not alone there.
A nice looking chassis, alu wheels all round completes the package, a crisp and nicely specced car.

Straight OTB on copper taped mdf it ran OK but nothing special, a lot of it has to do with the tyres which are not really that grippy. Again the same can be said for others, but NSR and newer Slot.It's come with decent tyres, and this retails at a price point inbetween Slot.It and NSR.

The whole lot was screwed in tight, including the guide, so a little time spent loosening the motor pod and guide mount made for a nicer running and slightly faster car, but really the wires need to be thinner as they do intefere with the body and hence the guides return movement.
Front axles dont have any adjustment, but were set up pretty well, a little truing to lose a little tyre diameter would soon make it perfect.

The motor seems to be around the performance of the Slot.It orange (stock) motors, although I believe the gearing on these is 3.11 final drive, in which case the braking doesn't seem to be quite as sharp as you might expect.

I installed a set of trued and glued rears with decent rubber on, and the car was improved but I feel the chassis isn't quite as good a performer as it looks to be.
Don't get me wrong, its very capable, but not quite up there with the best IMO.

Overall a nice effort, but, I feel, overpriced. I would still take a Slot.It over the Mr Slotcar given the slightly better performance OTB and lower cost of the Slot.It.

This is the first release from Mr Slotcar, so a very respectable entry into the market, just a little short of the big names isn't a bad first shot

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Interesting, thx for sharing.
I have the one and it is a fast beast.
ONLY thing is related to the rear spoiler
I know it can sound silly but after having crashed both spoilers that came with it beyond any possibility of reparation (there is always a possibility I know but I am playing lazy now) I find not using it (her sorry).
The Mazda 878 without spoiler is like no-one other car. You simply cannot run without it.
Bottom line: I really like the idea of Mr slotcar with rubber support especially for this kind of car is more or less a must


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QUOTE (JamieG @ 15 Aug 2011, 13:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The Mazda 878 without spoiler is like no-one other car. You simply cannot run without it.
Same problem here but I used the Jag spoiler and it is now perfect

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Quote; the jaguar rear spoiler fits neatly after a bit of trimming on the mazda chassis.

Did the same thing myself,,glued the Mazda spoiler on top of the Jag racing wing ,only needed a couple of cuts either side of the rear post and removal of the side lugs on the Jag wing didn't need to touch the chassis though.

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I have a mr slot car Mazda, and im pretty pleased with it.

I have changed the motor for a slot it orange can, and for an inline set up its pretty good

The only problem i had were the grub screws were carp and i ended up swapping them all.

Be interested to find out if they are going to make an angle winder mount for it.
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