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Does anybody know anything about the MRRC F1 cars from the 70s era? Probably Scalextric re-releases, I got five of them in red MRRC paper boxes: McLaren M23, Ferrari 312 T2, Lotus 79, Brabham BT 49, Williams FW 07.

Are they simply in a new package or did MRRC do anything to them? Are they a collectors item or good to race?

Got them very cheap in mint condition, they are new and not used yet. As I#m not a collector, I don't know what to do: Put them on ebay 8and probably make a little bit of money) or drive them.


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Hi Biberle

These cars are not re-issued Scalextric but are MRRC's own models.

Over the years they have generally not been highly valued by collectors, but with the high prices some fairly ordinary cars have been making on eBay lately, who knows!

These later card box models will probably have Mabuchi motors whereas the original perspex case cars will have Johnson 111 or 222 power. Other than that, I think they will have changed very little, if at all!

Hope this helps,

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